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Receiver: FM-DX Tampere 2
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Receiver image
Update 2022-11-10: just testing and no unreal audio, no AM band...

This node has been my test bench for my receivers on Globaltuners. This time I'm testing RDS functionality as this is the exact unit which I kept online at my FM-DX Aitoo site. You may remember that it had RDS problems on a couple of occations. I thought it was a driver issue as a new Arduino driver seemed to fix the problem for a short time but it was not of that. I'm starting to think it is a faulty Arduino board but let's see.

FM band has became much worse with this Z dipole at this FM-DX Tampere location since the last time it was online. 102.4 MHz is possibly the last quiet spot still available for FMDXing? It will be gone by the next summer anyway as it's already licenced for a new local transmitter (Sea FM) along with 91.9 (Radio Patmos) and 107.1 (a new network operated by Kevyt Kanava)! FM-DX Tampere 1 with a directional Yagi will still be working for FMDXing to some extent. However, Aitoo location 42 km East is better for FMDXing already now but even more so in the future.


Old drescription:
Unreal Streaming is enabled for achieving low latency. FM band is a bit crowded since this node is using a folded "Z" dipole antenna. It's taking signals from all directions (all too well). Amplifier is used. FMDX is possible - just try to find silent spots on the dial!

Added AM possibility. Tuner's original small Indoor Loop antenna.
(Note: AM band is working generally better on FM-DX Tampere 1)

Sound Card: M Audio Revolution 5.1
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