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Receiver: Evesham
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This setup is testing a Hybrid solution. SDRPlay RSP1.
TO USE AM/USB/LSB YOU MUST ENABLE AGC and NB (Suggested for all modes)

HF Antenna - PA0RDT Mini Whip Design active antenna (Using an panel instead of whip) home brew. I have also installed 60DB of antennuation from 0 to 1.8Mhz to try and limit very strong local AM Transmissions. THis will mean during daylight hours MW reception is low, however in the evenings this will improve.

VHF Antenna - Diamond V300 VHF/UHF Vertical. The antenna is mounted on a 20ft Pole above the roof and the building is 140ft AGL. The height of this RX brings its own issues due to some very strong line of sight signals. The site is around 4 miles south of Evesham, Worcestershire UK and is in a rural location. It is situated between the Malvern and Cotswold hills.

We are currently testing the decoding of digital voice mode. In order to get this working, select the frequency you want to listen to and hear a digital voice noise. Then push DRM button to enable digital decoded voice. You may not hear any voice at all as some digital systems also transmit data, gps and messages at the same time meaning although the system is transmitting you will not decode any voice. I have placed some DMR and DSTAR frequencies in the bandguides to get you started.

If you need to hear samples of the voice modes decoded have a look at these links.

Fusion -

This is experimental and may not always work but please report any findings via this forum thread.

Default frequency will be an FT8 Digital Mode Frequency. Using this link below you can see how far this station has heard in the last 12 hours.

FM Broadcast is quite good with its height. There are some very close stations, these are 102FM and 103.7FM. These stations are again line of sight to these high power TX's, However in lift conditions the DX does come in on a clear enough channel.

Please log any frequencies heard and report any issues.

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