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Receiver: Glasgow & Scottish Control
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*** Important - Keep RF Gain to around 75% if your listening to Airband ***

If another user is online, DO NOT TUNE WITHOUT ASKING FIRST!
Show some respect to others.

When joining, wait at least a 'minute' before 'asking' permission. If there's no reply after a full 2 mins, 'You Now Have Control' and may re-tune. If you've had control for a while, 'Invite others to tune'. It's for everyone to use & enjoy!

Log out when you’ve finished using the receiver.

GLASGOW ~ Tower 118.800 / Approach 119.100 / Ground 121.700 / Director 128.750 / ATIS 129.575

SCOTTISH CONTROL ~ Galloway South 124.825 / Montrose South 126.925 / Deancross South 135.530 / Deancross North 135.850 / Rathlin West 129.100 / Talla South 126.300 / West Coast 127.275 / Tay East Low 124.500 / Central High 132.730 / Hebrides 133.675 / Antrim Low 123.775 / Military 270.150 251.250


*** Glasgow Airport Webcam - 2 Live streams with playback feature ***

To support running this Receiver, try our LIVE Webcam streams / Listen & Watch! / Catch All runway 05/23 arrivals & departures.

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