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Receiver: Hamilton Scotland VHF/UHF
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Latest News!
I am aware of a problem when the Node stops responding to the server and need to be restarted at my server side to get things going again i am investigating the cause of the problem and not to sure of the cause at this time i will be testing different configs to try and find/fix the problem.

for AM airband enable AGC and NB with the gain around 80/85% or auto
for WFM broadcast stations set the gain around 5/10%

We are testing/trying different configurations to try and get the best performance possible..please bear with us.

Located at the top of a hill in Hamilton.
we are in the perfect location for both VHF/UHF reception we are temporarily using a rtl-sdr-blog-v3
we have a Sdrplay RspDUO coming soon with a diamond x 4000 Antenna.

Please be aware that this is a multiuser system so other members/users could be listening/tuning the receiver.
so please ask for permission to tune If there is no response from the other user and no activity indicating that the other user is still using the receiver. you are allowed to take over control after waiting at least 2 minutes after asking permission to do so.
Please pay attention to the chat and answer if someone speaks to you.

Please log Any new frequencies found thanks.

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