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Receiver: Bastelicaccia - Mediterranean DX - AirSpy HF+, Corsica
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Welcome on my tuner, based at Bastelicaccia! (Corsica - France, Mediterranean sea). You can tune all frequencies between 0 kHz - 30 MHz and 64 MHz - 270 MHz.

• Aerial: Körner 9.2 FM, Horizontal pol on a rotor, generally pointing to 240° (SW) OR vertical dipole pointing to 260° (W). Very nice performances on FM band, good on AIR band. Possibility to receive other signals on VHF. SW/AM are available despite massive QRM on some frequencies (particularly under 6 MHz).

• Excellent spot for Algerian, Spanish, Italian and French signals on FM / VHF bands with regular tropo during summer.

• Located at 3km from AJA - LFKJ airport (Ajaccio Napoléon Bonaparte). Departure and arrival times of the Airport: Check the "AIR" bandlist. During strong tropo sessions, you can receive AIR signals from Spain and Algeria !

• All FM permanent receptions (All directions)

• FM DX receptions:

• Don't hesitate to log on this server all exotic / distant / interesting signals by using the button "Log Station", it will be very useful for others listeners !

• My Youtube channel, with bandscans and FM tropo receptions:

• Contact: Don't hesitate to contact me on this mail for any questions, reports, or various informaztions.

Have a nice day and enjoy this tuner !
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