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Receiver troubleshooting

What's the receiver status? Possible causes and solutions listed below.

  • Offline
    • The URadioServer software is not connected to the GlobalTuners hub. Possible causes:
      • The software was not started or has crashed - restart the software (Windows: start, run, net start URadioServer, or navigate to the installation directory and run URadioServer.exe, Linux: run: mono URadioServer.exe)
      • The software is not (properly) installed - install the software
      • The computer is switched off - turn it on
      • The internet is broken - can the operator still reach
  • Stopped
    • The receiver was manually stopped by the operator or an administrator, for some reason
    • The receiver was incorrectly stopped by the Hub - talk to Ivo if this happens a lot
    • Solution: Status page, Start receiver or Restart server
  • Starting
    • The software is trying to initialize the receiver, give it a few minutes...
    • The software ran into an error, check the Receiver log for error/Exception messages and see the Error status below
    • The software can not talk to the receiver, see the ReceiverOffline status
  • Error
    • Check the receiver log for Exception messages, only take messages after the last restart in account
      • Unauthorized access, Access denied, COM*, /dev/ttyS*, /dev/ttyUSB*
        • Usually this means that something is wrong with the serial port. Make sure the configured port exists and is not in use by other software. Restarting the software or PC may help.
      • DirectX, SlimDX, NAudio, Alsa, OSS
        • This indicates a problem with the audio subsystem. Check the audio configuration. If you are using an USB audio device, restart the software, re-plug the device and restart the software again.
      • FileNotFoundException
        • This usually indicates a missing driver file. Try to run a software upgrade.
        • On Linux, this may also indicate that a nonexistent serial port or audio device was selected.
  • ReceiverOffline
    • The software can not talk to the receiver
      • Make sure the receiver is switched on
      • Make sure the serial port is connected
      • Check the serial port number, baud rate and optionally CI-V address
      • Restart the software
      • Shut down URadioServer and test the connection with some other software
  • Online
    1. Try to access the receiver using the JavaScript interface, and select the AJAX communication interface
      • Does not work: try restarting the software, rebooting the server, and if that does not work, talk to Ivo
    2. Try to access the receiver using the JavaScript interface, and select the Flash (use relay) communication interface
      • Does not work: your Flash plugin is probably broken
    3. Try to access the receiver using the JavaScript interface, and select the Flash communication interface
      • Does not work: most likely a firewall or port forwarding issue
        1. Check the port number in the Node configuration (note that this is different from the Receiver configuration!) - it should be above 1024
        2. Check the firewall on the server computer (Windows Firewall?)
        3. Check the port forwarding in the router
        4. If all else fails, enable Relay mode (Relay all traffic) in the Node configuration
      • No audio: either there is no output from the receiver, your Flash plugin is broken or the audio configuration is wrong
        1. For Icom PCR100 and PCR1000, make sure the Volume is set to about 100 (Receiver configuration page)
        2. Try to use the JavaScript interface, and select External audio player for the audio player, then open the playlist file or URL using Winamp or VLC
          • Works: your Flash player is broken
          • Only silence: check the audio configuration on the server computer, is the right sound card selected? Correct input channel selected? Try recording some audio with some other software.
          • Does not play: try restarting the receiver and check the log for errors
  • Other / not listed
    • Something weird is going on. Talk to Ivo.


  • It is always possible that the GlobalTuners software is malfunctioning and something not listed here caused the problems.
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