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Receiver: Columbus, Ohio HF 1.7-30 MHz
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Receiver image
RTL2832/R820T2 & HamItUp Converter
Receiver is intended for use between 1.7 and 30 MHz. AM broadcast band listening is not permitted, but is permitted on the Lexington, Kentucky receivers nearby.

The receiver is located in Maidenhead grid square EM89kw, 39.95 degrees north latitude, 83.12 degrees west longitude.

Keep in mind that the audio is delayed by a few seconds or more.

There is no time limit on your visit, stay as long as you like. But please always be courteous to your fellow radio hobbyists.

Premium membership is not required to use this receiver, and monetary contributions are not accepted. I am able to cover the receiver's expenses, and am glad to be able to provide this equipment for the radio monitoring community free of charge.
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