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Daily statistics
DateRegistrationsLogins PageviewsWebsite errorsReceivers openedTotal listen time
26 Nov 16, Sat18321540442278920936 minutes
27 Nov 16, Sun1536956154195819568 minutes
28 Nov 16, Mon1931152081181611729 minutes
29 Nov 16, Tue927947220068410627 minutes
30 Nov 16, Wed1025849124069214087 minutes
01 Dec 16, Thu1028648345075111728 minutes
02 Dec 16, Fri1329945331065314903 minutes
03 Dec 16, Sat1127046147060715018 minutes
04 Dec 16, Sun21131694502933179 minutes
Receiver sessions
Users who are currently logged on to receivers (16 total).
UserReceiverLogged inFrequency
tesEspoo FT-857135 minutes ago14.26 MHz
theastraLondon West34 minutes ago134.975 MHz
EmilyLondon West60 minutes ago134.975 MHz
bwellsLos Angeles, Norwalk CA DM03XV51 minutes ago119.95 MHz
rz9uczManila, Philippines35 minutes ago11.835 MHz
ZL1OZNew South Wales, Sydney. Raspberry Pi 3.145 minutes ago702 kHz
Rick_DXNew York FM-HD-SONY DX # 142 minutes ago99.3 MHz
dk2noOdenwald25 minutes ago6.07 MHz
dk2noOdenwald9 minutes ago6.07 MHz
AugustOdenwald58 minutes ago6.07 MHz
texsanoRimini29 minutes ago7.07 MHz
skyman75Rovigo17 minutes ago118.9 MHz
ta2zgVero Beach, FL #10 minutes ago1803 kHz
af5jwVR2HF's **Hong Kong DX**51 minutes ago14.224 MHz
helioWest London53 minutes ago120.4 MHz
dlynneWestern Australia, Port Hedland3 minutes ago11.73 MHz
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84 active sessions (33 were active in the last 10 minutes).
801 users logged in this week.
77994 registered members.
54 receivers on-line.
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