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Daily statistics
DateRegistrationsLogins PageviewsWebsite errorsReceivers openedTotal listen time
29 Jul 20, Wed1415155612045510668 minutes
30 Jul 20, Thu916366830342810705 minutes
31 Jul 20, Fri131528128004157137 minutes
01 Aug 20, Sat191465580104188870 minutes
02 Aug 20, Sun2118966484269810018 minutes
03 Aug 20, Mon1419988876263810591 minutes
04 Aug 20, Tue221658446614377480 minutes
05 Aug 20, Wed171669543944888273 minutes
06 Aug 20, Thu9893635503094732 minutes
Receiver sessions
Users who are currently logged on to receivers (5 total).
UserReceiverLogged inFrequency
oremenioriBEDFORD"1.6MHz-470MHz"30 MILES FROM NORTH LONDON" FIXED !5 minutes ago127.105 MHz
lutonairportguyBEDFORD"1.6MHz-470MHz"30 MILES FROM NORTH LONDON" FIXED !143 minutes ago127.105 MHz
ElCooperKnoxville, Tennessee49 minutes ago11.175 MHz
WALL-AMMonroe, New York FM Airspy HF+ Discovery4 minutes ago105.7 MHz
fpeconsultantSan Antonio, Texas 39 minutes ago11.435 MHz
Some more numbers...
72 active sessions (17 were active in the last 10 minutes).
572 users logged in this week.
100786 registered members.
59 receivers on-line.
On-line receivers and free receivers:
Receivers in use:
Active website sessions:
Total hub traffic (bytes/s):
Total node traffic (bytes/s):
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