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Daily statistics
DateRegistrationsLogins PageviewsWebsite errorsReceivers openedTotal listen time
14 Jun 17, Wed1426363368071713417 minutes
15 Jun 17, Thu1630267529082319206 minutes
16 Jun 17, Fri1027366570071520480 minutes
17 Jun 17, Sat1725761593071813971 minutes
18 Jun 17, Sun2126563792074713806 minutes
19 Jun 17, Mon2325761717071711689 minutes
20 Jun 17, Tue2124465495786015286 minutes
21 Jun 17, Wed12268673101976516097 minutes
22 Jun 17, Thu2023563764052713245 minutes
Receiver sessions
Users who are currently logged on to receivers (13 total).
UserReceiverLogged inFrequency
mccallomBEDFORD "1.6MHZ-470MHZ" 50 METERS HIGH22 minutes ago287.875 MHz
GlobaltunerCentral Europe11 minutes ago100.5 MHz
smokingbillwhitGlasgow & Scottish Control321 minutes ago118.8 MHz
ScotFlyerGlasgow & Scottish Control308 minutes ago118.8 MHz
g90swlGlasgow & Scottish Control220 minutes ago118.8 MHz
mccallomGlasgow & Scottish Control72 minutes ago118.8 MHz
JimGeorgiaLas Vegas, Nevada #120 minutes ago257.675 MHz
Versatile121089Manila, Philippines4 minutes ago11.68 MHz
SKIRGENewcastle Upon Tyne1 minutes ago457.0375 MHz
dalek402Newcastle Upon Tyne330 minutes ago457.0375 MHz
mccallomNorth Nottinghamshire, UK73 minutes ago259.6 MHz
ken8038Southeast Michigan RTL-SDR14 minutes ago101.1 MHz
mccallomSV7GBF RECEIVER21 minutes ago340.45 MHz
Some more numbers...
105 active sessions (25 were active in the last 10 minutes).
759 users logged in this week.
81060 registered members.
52 receivers on-line.
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