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GlobalTuners Terms of Service

GlobalTuners Terms of Service


The GlobalTuners network is based on volunteer operators and therefore receivers may be taken offline at any time. Due to the nature of its services, neither the GlobalTuners crew, its content providers or node operators can guarantee that its web service will be uninterrupted or error-free at any time. GlobalTuners reserves the right to deny access to any potential client at its discretion. Services provided by GlobalTuners are used at your own risk. GlobalTuners cannot be held liable for any damage to hardware or software that may have been caused by the use of our website or software.

In certain countries it may be an offence to listen to frequencies you are not licensed to. Anything other than the following maybe an offence to listen to in some countries:

  • licensed broadcasting stations
  • amateur and citizens' band radio transmissions
  • weather and navigation transmissions

You must follow each local wireless telegraphy laws or you may find yourself liable to prosecution in that country for incitement to contravene the Wireless Telegraphy Act. GlobalTuners merely provides access to on-line receivers around the world. Remember that it is you - the listener - who is responsible for the tuning and listening on our network. GlobalTuners subscriptions are for private use only.

IMPORTANT! Companies, enterprises or authorities may NOT use GlobalTuners, our receivers, our software or anything else we provide for commercial monitoring or any such related activity! If we suspect commercial use of the system, your account will be suspended immediately and legal action will be taken.


All information you provide us by signing up and filling out our forms will not be sold to any third parties. Also GlobalTuners has taken measures to secure all personal information.

GlobalTuners uses cookies in order to improve speed and personal advertisements by Google.


  1. When there are other members using the receiver, you have to ask before you tune! (if there is no activity from other users within 2 minutes, you can just start tuning).
  2. Limit your tuning and invite others to try.
  3. Do not keep the radios to yourself. Let other users have a try.
  4. No scripts may be used in the chat or frequency fields.
  5. Commercial advertisements are not allowed in the chats unless they are paid for.
  6. Do not share your account with others. It is personal.
  7. Please pay attention to the chat and answer if someone speaks to you.
  8. Commercial use of the system is not allowed.
  9. We may send you a newsletter, unless you unsubscribe (to do so, open your account page).
  10. We may always send you an e-mail message to inform you about important changes to GlobalTuners. If you do not want this, please do not register (if you have already registered, ask support, to delete your account).

During the first two weeks your account will be in a trial period. During this period you can only choose from a limited set of receivers and you can only tune when nobody else is using the receiver. This is to prevent abuse and to provide you with a safe environment to learn about the system.

These terms and conditions apply to all users and services of GlobalTuners.

By using this site, you accept to follow the terms and conditions that apply to this website and its product. If you do not agree to these terms, please do not use We reserve the right to change, modify, add or remove parts in these terms at any time. Therefore we advise to periodically check this page for changes.

GlobalTuners and its team of operators, editors and partners claim no responsibility for the availability or accuracy of any of the content accessed through usage of our products. We also claim no responsibility for the behaviour of any of our website’s visitors.

The GlobalTuners concept is legal. We are allowed to put up a receiver in any country where receivers are allowed. Site operators present their receivers to the public "un-intentionally" for a non specific frequency. As the streaming is "not intentional" of a fixed service, the site operator is not viable for any copyrights or telegraph-acts as the tuning and listening is done by others and without his knowledge. It is merely up to the listener to take responsibility of his actions. It is the local telegraph laws in each country that apply. Almost all Telegraph acts have the same basic rule: You may not forward any messages heard on receivers to a third party.

GlobalTuners discourages any behaviour that may infringe local laws and rules. Users of this website are responsible for their own actions, therefore GlobalTuners cannot be held responsible for any law infringements by its users.

GlobalTuners may show advertisements that people may find inappropriate or offensive. Normally GlobalTuners will do its utter best to only provide useful ads.

We claim no responsibility for any content shared on any of the websites or receivers that are linked to GlobalTuners. We cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies. We do not guarantee legality or decency of content listed on GlobalTuners.

By using this service you acknowledge that this agreement is subject to Dutch law and jurisdiction. All legal affairs and conflicts will be treated for the Dutch Courts.

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