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Receiver: Penrith Cumbria
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Location is 5 miles south of Penrith and 6 miles north of Appleby in the Eden vally in the heart of RAF LFA17 low level flying area

Best settings

Volume 100

Balance 0

Squelch 47

Rf gain 0


Tower 123.6000
Fire 121.6000
Atis 118.4250
London Information North 125.4750
London Volmet North 126.6000
Scottish Information south 119.8750
Diversion And Distress 121.5000
Diversion And Distress Military 243.000
Nato Low level 278.0000
Apollo Air Services Ltd 130.0250
Military North West 127.4500
RAF Spadeadam 282.0500
RAF Spadeadam 308.7750
RAF Spadeadam 128.7250
RAF ATC North West 280.3500
RAF ATC North West 277.6250
Microlight Common 129.8250
Glider Common 129.9750
Warton Radar 129.5250
Walney Island 123.2000
RAD Leeming Zone/Radar 133.3750
Swanwick Military East Icf 277.7750
MRT CH62A 156.1250
Kirkbride Airfie 124.4000
Newcastle Radar 124.3750
DURHAM Approach: 118.85
DURHAM Radar: 118.85
DURHAM Radar: 128.85
DURHAM Tower: 119.80

RAF Leeming APP

APP 386.575/362.300
ATIS 369.475
GND 379.900
OPS 259.025
PAR 375.450/318.100
TWR 368.925/120.500
ZONE 262.950/133.375

Radio stations
CFM 102.5
Eden FM 107.5

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