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Receiver: Globaltuner
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Receiver image
The Receiver here is a RTL2832U SDR USB Dongle with a R820T2 Tuner, a 20€ Device, the Reception starts at 24MHz.

ATC Air Communication QRGs (+-QRH) in this Node here :

136,570MHZ (weak R3, automated Speech making weather forecast)
136.466MHz (R4 with Sough)
135.960MHz (weaker Signal)
135.002MHz (often R2, sometimes R4 with Sough; Origin of the Signal ?)
133.215 (nights)
132.866 5
132.774 5 (nights)
131.415 (nights)
131.725 ACARS (Digital Air-Signal, decodable by the Software "PDW")
131.325 (nights; weak R4 with much Sough)
128.757 5
126.776 (R4 with a humming QRM from maybe some other electronic Device)
126.650 (good R4 despite the Sough, the RDS says "Bremen EDWW")
126.450 (nights)
126.050 (weaker R3 with Sough, RDS says "Copenhagen")
126.175 (weak R4 with QRM Sough from the Side)
125.850 (weaker Signal)
124.800 (R4 with Sough)
124.454 (R4 with Sough and another R2 Signal)
123.449 (german Language)
122.400 (weak Signal)
120.933 (R4 with Sough)
118.675 (Aviation in german Language, content doesnt appear like from an ATC)

These Frequencies were found with this SDR, not somewhere else.
If you hear here on another Frequency than listed above an ATC or an Airplane that transmitts to an ATC, tell me, I want to add the Frequency to my Frequencylist here.
Listeners who want to hear Air-Communication should tune in days, because days the VHF Airband is much more active than nights.

[17:43] [MIAMIATC] copenhagen highare 134.675,136.55,126.055,135.565,136.485,135.2916,127.866
[18:04] [MIAMIATC] i heard handoffs to warsaw on this radio as well
[18:04] [MIAMIATC] warsaw frequency of 134.225

On 448.425MHz FM are some POCSAG (Pager) Signals, to decode for example by the Program "PDW".
On 460.273MHz FM is a DMR MotoTRBO Signal, decodable by DSD.

Satelites can be heard on this Receiver too :
NOAA-15 QRG 137.6200MHz (+-4KHz Dopplereffect) in Weatherfax
NOAA-18 QRG 137.9125MHz (+-3KHz Dopplereffect) in Weatherfax
NOAA-19 QRG 137.1000MHz (+-6KHz Dopplereffect) in Weatherfax
The Program named "wxtoimg" predicts when the NOAA Satelites will be in range and decodes Weatherfax, here to download ->
AO-85 on 145.980MHZ (+- Dopplereffect) in FM Voice.
There is much QSB on the Satelites, assumingly because this Receivers Antenna is not circular polarized, in future the current Antenna might maybe be replaced by a Crossdipole, because Satelites with their long distance Range are yet the most interesting on VHF and above
but of course this Node is not limited to Satelites or VHF Airband etc.,
other Signals may be tuned in too, its interesting to hear other Frequencies other Globaltuners globaltune to.

Feel free to tune and please keep the Language clean.
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