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Receiver: VR2HF Hong Kong (VHF/UHF) Air Ham and Satellites
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** Welcome to the Hong Kong VHF/UHF (30 MHz and up) Node! **

FOR BEST RESULTS on the AIR BAND SET SQUELCH to 50 and RF GAIN to 50. Do NOT use RF GAIN in AUTO mode on the AIR BAND.

!!!! IMPORTANT-PLEASE READ !!! Using the RTL-SDR requires ADJUSTMENT of the SQUELCH and RF GAIN. For the VHF AIRBAND, suggested settings to start are: SQUELCH=50 RF GAIN = 50. If the RF GAIN is left on AUTO or set ABOVE 65 or so, strong local VHF AIRBAND signals (a few kilometers away on Tai Mo Shan mountain) may OVERLOAD the receiver. A WEAK airband signal for testing settings in the MACAU ATIS METAR on 126.4 MHz. Hong Kong ATIS is 128.2 MHz. NOTE: There is no MW or HF receive capability at this time.

SATELLITE RECEPTION-Tips coming soon...

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