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Share your receiver

Share your receiver

1. Server hardware

Nearly anything will do. An 1GHz processor (or newer), 256MB (or more) of RAM and 10GB of harddisk space are recommended, but it is possible to use older hardware as well.

Depending on the receiver, you may need some additional hardware to connect the receiver to the computer. Most receivers require a 9-pin RS232/COM/serial port. You will also need a soundcard to feed the audio to the computer.

2. Internet connection

You need at least 32kbytes/sec upstream bandwidth. You may not fill up your available bandwidth with other applications (torrent or other file sharing applications). You must be able to forward a TCP port to the server computer.

3. Receiver

We have drivers available for many radios, including:
* Icom PCR-100, PCR-1000, PCR-1500
* Nearly all Icom transceivers with a RS232 serial interface (IC-706, R8000, etc)
* AOR AR-7030, AR-8020, AR-8600
* JRC NRD525, NRD545
* WDM and Video4Linux devices (TV/FM computer cards)
* Yaesu FT-817, VR5000, FRG-9600

4. Server software

The server software can run on both, Windows and Linux systems. For Windows systems, Windows 2000 or higher is required. For Linux systems, we recommend Debian Linux, which can be very small and still easy to setup. Other recent linux distributions will work as well. It is recommended to use a dedicated computer for the GlobalTuners server, but it is possible to run the software on a workstation as well. Our team can support you in installing the operating system and server software.

5. GlobalTuners server

You just need to connect the receiver to your computer, usually you have to connect the receiver to your computer's serial port and connect your receiver's audio output to your computer's audio line in. If you have an Icom PCR-1500 (or similar) receiver with USB connection, you may not need a separate audio connection. Our server software takes care of controlling the receiver, communicating with the users and serving the audio streams.

6. Why GlobalTuners and not one of the alternatives for sharing the receiver?

- We use our own server software which is secure and easy to setup. There's no need for any maintenance to the server software, as all this can be done automatically.
- Our server and website software is always under development, suggestions, experiments and third party improvements are welcome.
- We have a centralised user database: many users have access to your receiver and you can easily lock out abusers.
- We have a team of friendly people who are always ready to help you.
- And probably much more :-)

7. Sounds interesting?

It's a lot of fun to share your radio. Imagine how many people will listen to your radio and have fun with it. Just click the button below, provide us with some information about your location and setup, install the server software and you're done. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by sending an e-mail to

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