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Message from henk at Wednesday, 06-Jul-11 20:46:04 GMT
an new node
Location: Isle of Man, Isle of Man, United Kingdom
Receiver: Icom PCR-1000
Antenna: Icom supplied telescopic in attic

welcome and enjoy this new receiver tnx to Bbuk for share this receiver
Message from de9man at Saturday, 09-Jul-11 23:22:45 GMT
dear henk, hi, a very warmly welcome in the gt-club and thank you very much for the participation your radio with the gt-community.

i have checked your radio tonight and found out that your radio antenna is may be installed indoor in your home. if it is possible then please change kindly the place of your radio antenna out from your tv-room into the out door veranda or in the upper floor room but under the roof of your home. because every tv-set makes too much electronic and magnetic noises which makes shortwave radio listening dificult and some times impossible.

it is only one suggestion and you must not follow my advise. thanx for your understanding and good bye with best regards. yours sincerely
Message from bbuk at Sunday, 10-Jul-11 22:06:26 GMT
Hi de9man,
Thank you for your comments. I am aware of my antenna limitation at the moment, I have swapped the icom telescopic for an old discone but the problem is that this is at the same level as the pc ( converted attic spare room) and likely this is the noise.
I am thining next about moving the pc the the floor below- perhaps by next weekend.
Message from de9man at Sunday, 10-Jul-11 22:13:13 GMT
hi bbuk, sorry i have called you henk. ok brian do this in your spare time. till then good bye with best regards.
Message from 7x2GK at Monday, 11-Jul-11 14:14:42 GMT
73 ALL
Message from at Monday, 11-Jul-11 22:23:28 GMT

was wondering if you knew what the vhf/uhf coverage was like despite the antenna limitation , can you get ham repeaters on 145 and 433 mhz from south scotland , west england and north wales etc..
which repeaters can be best picked up?

Message from bbuk at Wednesday, 13-Jul-11 23:25:10 GMT
Hi Kieran,
Honestly I don't know, the distances are pretty far for uhf/vhf ? I think there has been some success at airband from scotland / england
I don't really use or know much about the scanner it was lying around from an impulse purchase many years ago and I decided to put it to use as to be able to monitor the marine frequencies from work without having my marine handheld vhf. So it was mainly setup for that (the pc was already running 24/7 in the spare room as a media server) tho I am happy to make it available and do what I can to improve the setup for others.

There might be some isle of man repeaters 3 of those are within 5 miles Carnane I can see from the window...


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