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Message from loostic at Tuesday, 15-Jan-13 12:06:02 GMT
Bonjour à tous,

I'm just joining GT Network with an old PCR-1000.

My home place is Ver-sur-Launette-France, 1062 peoples are living there, 14 km North East of Paris-CDG Airport

Until today, the main purpose of this station was to listen Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport Frequencies (Airplanes on ground are readable) and HF Aviation freq. over Atlantic and Africa (USB only in aviation).

Everything you always wanted to know about HF Aviation radio frequencies, but were afraid to ask is here :

About Paris CDG Airport, here :

But feel free to use the receiver at your convenience, the AH-8000 antenna has a continuous frequency coverage from 100MHz-3300MHz (3.3 GHz).

For the moment, I'm listening the receiver quite H24/7, but not really 24/7 present. So, if I'm the last listener connected, feel free to tune.

Happy to welcome you aboard.

Sorry for my english, you can try in french, I'm fully fluent. :))


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Message from norave at Tuesday, 15-Jan-13 12:44:34 GMT
Welcome aboard, Henri-Claude!

I'm glad we once again have a receiver in the vicinity of Paris. Thanks for sharing your equipment!

Greetings from Amsterdam
Message from ku4a at Tuesday, 15-Jan-13 13:40:13 GMT
Merci beaucoup Henri-Claude
Message from at Tuesday, 15-Jan-13 23:32:00 GMT
C'est super ! Merci Henri-Claude

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