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Message from newfoundlandtime at Wednesday, 13-Mar-13 20:28:58 GMT
Have you ever been so pumped up for a sports contest of some kind (for me, it's usually hockey) that you come here to check out whatever tuner's available to you so you can listen to said contest?

Thoughts on that?
Message from ku4a at Wednesday, 13-Mar-13 22:40:32 GMT
Not a bad idea, but often Internet streaming is better for that. Usually to listen for that long a time (the length of a sporting event) others are going to want to use the tuner.

The main things I can offer on the Lexington receivers is University of Kentucky sports (football, men's and women's basketball) which is found on WLAP, 630 on the AM dial. UK won the men's national championship in 2012. But almost the entire team turned pro, and this season's team is nowhere near as good. The women's team this year is quite good, and will soon be entering the national tournament. We also get some Cincinnati pro sports here (Reds and Bengals).

Of course, at night, you can listen to AM stations out at some distance. NHL, NBA and college games of all kinds can be heard. I've even heard some minor-league hockey games. Try tuning the dial some night. Also, most team web sites have lists of stations on their broadcast network. Look for the big powerhouse stations that run 50 kilowatts.

Message from inter1097 at Thursday, 14-Mar-13 02:50:52 GMT
I occasionally listen to baseball games on global tuners. Depends on who's playing and what kind of "action" I have on the game *wink*

Keep in mind while there are audio streams available, the MLB and NFL make you pay for those. So If I am unable to watch/listen at home, I'll sometimes hit up globaltuners/radio station lists to see if I can figure out something.
Message from ku4a at Thursday, 14-Mar-13 11:36:48 GMT
When I mentioned audio streams I mostly had in mind the individual radio station streams themselves. If you google a stations callsign you should be able to find their web site, and can look for the "listen live" link.

Now, I know under some circumstances, sports broadcasts have to be "blacked out". But I'm guessing that isn't always the case. The last time I tried to listen to Ohio State football online, none of the stations in their network had their Internet feeds active during the game.

Message from inter1097 at Thursday, 14-Mar-13 20:31:53 GMT
it's the MLB and NFL that requires the radio stations to "black out" their feeds. once in a while you might find one that forgets to cut off their stream but more often than not, you get a message saying "This live event can not be heard at this time" or something to that effect.the NFL are very shrewd about this.

Now of course you can hear sports from across the globe on various nodes as well. soccer, rugby, Aussie rules football, cricket, etc. just takes a little research and know how :)

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