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Message from NIMA_DJ at Sunday, 30-Mar-14 13:16:23 GMT

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Message from WQKZ579 at Tuesday, 27-May-14 00:48:47 GMT
yeah I can hear it sometimes. use to see when it is dark over russia and tune 4625 AM i think 6khz bandwidth filter. I haven't had luck receiving it yet on the receivers available now. There used to be nodes in germany but their gone now.
Message from WQKZ579 at Wednesday, 28-May-14 21:23:04 GMT
Ok I just tried now and it's receivable from the vienna austria receiver when it is night over there.

UPDATE: ok Rimini in italy seemed to get the best signal on it

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Message from NIMA_DJ at Saturday, 15-Nov-14 05:16:20 GMT
Message from WQKZ579 at Saturday, 15-Nov-14 09:17:00 GMT
Glad to help :3
Message from henk at Monday, 17-Nov-14 00:27:20 GMT
i hear uvb always on my receivers
Message from Fretburner91 at Monday, 17-Nov-14 16:00:47 GMT
Got it pretty nicely on the Finnish Espoo FT-857 one.
Message from Russian_Bear at Thursday, 25-Jun-15 13:54:39 GMT
Ahaha, I signal to the station receiver in the car takes. And if you can translate what is said in ciphers, nothing interesting is you do not talk. State Intelligence Agency in Russia has more than once come across mistakes - on the phone directly on the air saying senior officers! And there is no sense, just a lot of talking about it.
Message from Russian_Bear at Thursday, 25-Jun-15 13:55:35 GMT
I guess what I just said, did not understand anybody.
Message from henk at Saturday, 12-Sep-15 19:43:57 GMT
i can here the signal almost everyday here

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