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Message from bobdavcav at Thursday, 20-Oct-16 19:07:57 GMT
I don't think you can administratively change it, but users can change it when listening.
Message from legis225 at Thursday, 20-Oct-16 19:11:16 GMT
When it changes on the site, it does not seem to have much effect.

Is there a way to change the mode on v.3 so listeners can listen to HF? This is more of an HF setup than a VHF/UHF.
Message from PaulD at Saturday, 23-Mar-19 06:57:28 GMT
Has anyone tried SDR on HD obviously with the correct antenna? More to the point, is it possible?


Message from Kai at Tuesday, 18-Jun-19 11:25:40 GMT
Hi there, my RTL-SDR V3.0 just arrived in the post (Perth, Western Australia), testing it before taking it home to Broome. So far haven't worked out how to get full spectrum RX coverage, it's either HF, or VHF/UHF, but not both.

Anyone successfully got full spectrum RX to work? please let me know
Message from Ivo at Tuesday, 18-Jun-19 18:37:48 GMT
Kai, this is currently not supported by the GT software, but since this one seems to use the Direct Sampling method for HF, it is possible to switch it in software so I could add that later.
Message from Kai at 6 days ago
Thanks Ivo, I've been reading around, trying to find different options.
With the V3 hardware looks like the current config allows only HF with the GT setting "Radio.RTL2832.DirectSampling" set at Q branch, or, VHF/UHF with "Direct"...but no ability to do both at once.

I am not a programmer and unsure how difficult it is likely to be to add a software switch?
Message from Ivo at 2 days ago
Kai, I think I got it. I can't really test it here as I don't have a proper HF antenna, but if you set DirectSampling to Q branch (or I, whatever the receiver uses), the software should automatically switch at 28 MHz.
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