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Message from Aurele at Monday, 13-Jul-15 11:31:56 GMT

What type of SDR dongle must one have to receive HF?

Message from Aurele at Monday, 13-Jul-15 11:36:08 GMT
I own a dongle SDR DX Patrol, which has integrated HF, the drivers of this dongle is the same as the ezcap dongle.

Best regards.
Message from Ivo at Friday, 24-Jul-15 20:44:06 GMT
Some SDRs directly support HF reception, like the FunCube dongle. There are some RTL-SDR (or ezcap) dongles out there which can directly tune HF, but they are often not very sensitive because the receiver chips were not designed for HF use.

Most SDR receivers can not directly tune to HF, but you can easily add an external frequency upconverter, which will shift HF to some band the SDR can receive. Most SDR software can compensate for this frequency shift, so you won't even know the upconverter is there!

Some SDRs come with a built-in upconverter. These usually have a mechanical switch to select between HF or VHF-UHF inputs. In this case it's not possible to easily switch between HF/VHF via software or via GlobalTuners.

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