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Message from vitesse at Wednesday, 01-Apr-09 10:53:23 GMT
Thanks for your interest in the Sony project. The software for controlling it is almost finish. The only thing that still need work is the HD (Iboc) tuning in FM band. A first node should come soon as a test. This will be NYC node from Dave. More info will be released soon. The hardware needed to control the XDR on Globaltuners is pretty simple and you don't don't need to touch or modified the radio. All is done by infrared communication, like you would do with the included remote control.
Message from RX-Hogger at Friday, 03-Apr-09 23:15:55 GMT
I'm planning soon to buy a Sony XDR-S3HD tuner model, a very simmilar designed tuner from the same XDR series. I may test the S3HD soon with a controller board, remote control would be very simmilar to a XDR-F1HD. Until now no test reports directly comparing a XDR-F1HD and S3HD have been found.
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