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Message from Lanta at Sunday, 25-Dec-16 16:39:00 GMT
On 26 dec 2016 the 2.000 kw Long Wave TX on 162 khz from France will go off the air for ever.

Still the same crap the say cost to much. The be on the air since the late 1950's and some other crap to is that the say nobody listen I'm not so sure about that ? In France it self the are confused and upset on what I did read.

Message from Lanta at Monday, 26-Dec-16 23:09:20 GMT
Its the 27 th of decmeber 2016 its 23:08 hours UTC France Inter 162 khz is still ON AIR !
Message from Lanta at Sunday, 01-Jan-17 00:16:08 GMT
Its 00:14 h utc 1 jan 2017 and France Inter 162 khz is now OFF AIR carrier is still on air because the is a clock signal on it same like the have on BBC Radio 4 on 198 khz Long Wave

Last edited by Lanta at Sunday, 01-Jan-17 00:16:34 UTC
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Message from gigglebusy at Thursday, 01-Feb-24 09:04:00 GMT
I hope there are Post readers out there who might be able to make recordings of some of these stations as they go off the air.

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