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Message from ku4a at Wednesday, 30-Aug-17 19:28:04 GMT
Here are frequencies on which amateur radio operators are conducting emergency communications in response to hurricane Harvey:

3.873.00 LSB Texas ARES
3.910.00 LSB Central Texas Emergency
3.935.00 LSB Texas ARES Health & Welfare
3.955.00 LSB South Texas Emergency
3.975.00 LSB Texas RACES Alternate
7.240.00 LSB Texas Emergency
7.248.00 LSB Texas RACES Primary
7.250.00 LSB Texas Emergency
7.273.00 LSB Texas ARES Alternate
7.285.00 LSB Texas ARES Emergency Day
7.290.00 LSB Texas ARES Health & Welfare
Message from Kai at Saturday, 02-Sep-17 06:11:52 GMT
Thanks for those, are the US media and Government giving appropriate thanks to amateur radio for their efforts?
Message from ku4a at Saturday, 02-Sep-17 20:20:06 GMT
I have seen several mentions in the media, and I expect there will be more once the worst of the emergency is over.
Message from Kai at Sunday, 03-Sep-17 08:09:06 GMT
Haven't see any coverage or acknowledgement in Australian media yet, same as when there's a natural disaster down here.
Message from geartow at Saturday, 09-Sep-17 01:17:21 GMT
do we have frequancys for florida?

Message from at Monday, 04-Nov-19 09:09:02 GMT
thanks for those useful information
Message from udlear at Thursday, 14-Sep-23 01:35:41 GMT
Just as whenever a natural tragedy occurs in the South, I haven't seen any news or mention of it in Australian media.
Message from globeprada at Thursday, 16-Nov-23 09:20:30 GMT
After the worst of the situation has passed, I anticipate seeing more mentions in the media, of which I have already seen numerous.

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