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Message from ffandance at Monday, 16-Apr-18 10:47:51 GMT
Hi to all, this is my first post here. It seems that there is a little confusion over how numbers stations work and what they are so I thought that a simplified explination would help, so here goes:-

1) Number stations are a very old (possibly the first) form of message encription.
2) The format is based on written books (novels for example).
3) The numbers that you hear will be in fours (3724) for example.
4) Each number relates to the "chapter - page - line _ word" of the chosen book.
so the above exaple number of (3724) would be:- chapter 3, page 7, line 2, word 1.
6) As long as it is only the transmitter and reciever know which book is used then this system is still probablly the most secure form of encryption there will ever be.

Hope this helps those listeners that could not get what the numbers meant or what the stations were. (ffandance)

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