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Message from sejo at Wednesday, 18-Jul-18 19:07:26 GMT
Hello all,

I've been experimenting with the real time analysis of mass ADSB data, to look for "interesting events" such as missed approaches, flights that are in holding patterns, diversions, squawks for special activities, tracking flights through the blocks of 3d-airspace and so on. Focused on the UK the moment to limit the size of the data being analysed and to civilian airliner type flights (which actually is the basis for some of the algorithms as they tend to operate in a known manner, unlike GA that is all over the place and I filter out)

The results are quite interesting, and although I do get false alarms from time to time, the indications are generally quite accurate, subject to the accuracy of the data from the ADSB providers such as ADSB exchange and OpenSky network.

Technology wise I am using python, with ElasticSearch and MySQL for the data ingest and manipulation.

As I get to the point an alert type seems reliable enough for "public consumption" I have then added the alerts to a twitter feed. Obviously there are lots of other twitter feeds out there that post similar events, but my aim is to automate the generation of alerts.

The twitter feed can be found at

Feedback for improvements and further alert types is welcome. Please bare with me if there are any "false alarms" amongst the alerts. I am always fine tuning the various algorithms if I see too many false positives.

Further alerts I am thinking of working on are ones where aircraft are in proximity to severe weather/lightning strikes etc (if I can find a free weather API) and improvements to flight diversion detection using machine learning techniques.


(edited to update to the URLs)

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Message from sejo at Sunday, 16-Sep-18 09:25:05 GMT
Update : Changed twitter username
Also now detects diversions and track changes/off course.

Message from rkan at Friday, 25-Oct-19 08:13:25 GMT
Is there a way to search the history? Twitter doesn't return any search results with from:radar_assistant.
Message from sejo at Friday, 01-Nov-19 18:47:54 GMT
Try using the interface. This has more advanced search capability which might help. Or drop me a DM on twitter and I can let you have access into a Slack workspace which has these alerts and lots more that I can't fit into twitter.

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