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Message from Kai at Thursday, 16-Aug-18 05:13:42 GMT
I want to get a new rig for Broome but Icom doesn't make PCR-2500's anymore, I've chatted with their rep and their recommendation is an IC-R30 but it's probably not practical.
Anyone know where I can get a PCR2500, or R8500 for a reasonable price? or has anyone used the R30 and can comment on it?
Message from Ivo at Monday, 27-Aug-18 15:15:41 GMT
The best thing I can think of is to watch ebay closely. I haven't seen any 2500s on there, but there is a listing for a 1500.

The R30 seems rather expensive to use as a computer controlled receiver. It might be better to look for an SDR. I have just ordered a RSP1a to see if I can natively support it in the GT software, but I cant make any promises yet.
Message from Kai at Thursday, 30-Aug-18 12:00:14 GMT
Thanks Ivo. I haven't seen any IC-706MKIIG's on there or anything similar, I'll keep looking.
I have been in contact with Mike (from Perth, Australia) about his RTL2832 SDR, his feedback is good but please let me know how you go with native support.
Message from Dan at Friday, 31-Aug-18 13:48:31 GMT
RTLSDR is very basic to be fair, I couldn't use it at my site as it gets swamped by Pagers and Broadcast stations. In your location Kai you may well fair OK with an RTLSDR, for $20 its worth a punt.

Ivo I have an RSP1 here which is fantastic, if at any point you want to do some testing please let me know. I know some people have had success with it but that is usually based around making the software compatible with EXTIO. If you could make the GT software compatible with EXTIO you could open the site up to many more SDR's that seem to be the big thing at the moment, however I am sure you already know that :)

Message from Kai at Saturday, 01-Sep-18 10:23:31 GMT
Thanks Dan, the version I'm looking at is around $85AUD ( and looks like it might do the job. I'd love to get a "real" desktop receiver but don't have a few thousand dollars spare to do that.

I'll keep an eye out for Ivo's report.
Message from Dan at Saturday, 01-Sep-18 21:21:47 GMT
Kai for that money I would go for the RSP (SDRPlays)

That is the entry level version, However you can start looking at the RSP2 which comes with 3 antenna inputs, so you can split off HF and VHF for not much more.

I have the original RSP1 and its fantastic, just waiting to see if Ivo can get more compatibility such as Smeter and Gain settings and it will be on here as soon as.

Video below shows the RSP1 doing some trans atlantic MW dx from central UK using just a mag loop :)

Message from ted707 at Monday, 03-Sep-18 14:31:55 GMT
Kai - u pay shipping and I'll send you a working PCR-1000
Message from Ivo at Monday, 03-Sep-18 19:26:31 GMT
Dan, EXTIO is indeed one of the things I want to look into. Hopefully I can modify the RTL-SDR code to use EXTIO without too much trouble - that would allow us to support many different SDRs. The RSP1a arrived today, so I now have two different receivers to test with.

Kai, that RTL-SDR sells for 33% off here at the moment. I'm not sure if this is that much better than a 5-10 EUR receiver; especially since the most common method for HF reception, the "direct sampling modification" is almost useless due to frequency offsets. If you just want to experiment with an RTL-SDR I would recommend to get one of the cheaper ones and maybe save the money for a better receiver once we can natively support the RSP1.
Message from Ivo at Monday, 08-Oct-18 11:59:37 GMT

I have just added support for ExtIO. It's still quite experimental, but works with my RSP1a. To use:
- Upgrade GT software
- In Configuration, select Radio Type ExtIO SDR. Click Save & Restart.
- Copy the ExtIO DLL into the URadioServer installation directory. The DLL must be named like ExtIO_*.dll
- In Configuration (after the restart, receiver status will be Error), select the Radio.Dll for your receiver, click Save & Restart.
- If not running in service mode, an icon should appear in the system tray (nextt o the clock). Double click this icon to open the SDR specific configuration panel. Use some generally acceptable settings here, because it can't be changed by other users.

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