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Message from vitesse at Thursday, 24-Apr-08 17:29:12 GMT
I everyone. I would like to add an EWE antenna toward Europe on my receiver. Would like to know if it could be possible to have an electronic switch that could switch from my discone and my EWE antenna, that I could control with the computer, and eventually GlobalTuners interface. If someone know of a good web site or have a good plan of construction for an antenna, feel free to reply to this thread. Maybe you have a better suggestion for antenna? For the moment many dxer's that I have talked here seem to agree EWE would be my best choice.

If someone have an idea of what could be made to reduce interference on the HF band and on the air frequency (110-135mhz) Feel free to leave me a comment to, as I would like to have quieter receiver on this band.

I should have some spare time soon for my receiver as I will eventually finish the software I'm writing right now.
Message from vitesse at Friday, 30-May-08 20:49:38 GMT
I have found this excellent website for EWE antenna.

Would like to know if someone have ever tried different length of antenna. I have 100-110 feet of space for the length of the antenna (30-33 meters) is there an height to length ratio to respect? another question I can't find answer anywhere is what kind of material could I use to build it? can I use Belden RG-213 cable as a feed line? I have plenty of that from my old wireless Internet connection.

Thanks for your help or info :)
Message from RX-Hogger at Saturday, 31-May-08 19:38:37 GMT
Would indeed be interesting to know about this and about setting up in different locations where sometimes no good earthing is possible. I know that a few Global Tuners operators have experience with EWE antennas, please post your thoughts and comments about this.
Message from Calico at Monday, 21-Feb-11 23:50:11 GMT
-You live in a town and are not allowed to have an antenna mast, but you have a car with room for a 120 cm long component?

-And somehow your wife hasn't realized you have an extra £ 170.00 from your "granny" ? ;-)

You may then very much like these two:

Some more (not commercial though this time) good engineering from across the channel?

Go on, spoil yourself ;)
Message from tuebschen at Thursday, 24-Feb-11 21:49:11 GMT

I gave you that money to buy a new dress for your job interview next week, not for your pleasure.

I am very angry now.

Message from Calico at Friday, 25-Feb-11 00:38:52 GMT
LOL Grandma, trousers, not dress!!
You can always give me some more $ if you really love your grandson! :)
You will always be my favorite grandma! :p
Message from db1 at Tuesday, 22-Mar-11 15:24:55 GMT
I suppose this original question was 2 years ago so I am a bit late :) but I am in the middle of some EWE work (apologies to those who asked me to give an update on my EWE building) and I have just put a ewe facing west and I have decided now to try and use the one un-un and put a relay at the antenna (or two relays I think) to allow me to change it to east or west from inside the house. I have to make some home made twin lead/ ladderline so that I can run it from the other end to the place where it will meet the un-un and go to the coax. I haven't really explained this very well but anyway, just mentioning what I'm going to try ( hope it works )

Message from db1 at Wednesday, 23-Mar-11 08:08:09 GMT
Have just turned my ewe round for today, but hopefully tomorrow will have a relay to switch it back and forth.


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