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Message from Ivo at Saturday, 02-Feb-19 13:32:18 GMT
@robertr64, it will accept a frequency like 91.1 MHz, however there's currently no way to enter this. The problem is that, if we allow letters to be entered, you get a full text keyboard and most users will have to take extra steps to input numbers, so I chose to use a numeric-only input for now because entering a few extra zeros is easier than switching the keyboard mode. I will think about your request, maybe I can add a separate Hz/kHz/MHz selector.
Message from PaulD at Saturday, 02-Feb-19 16:54:37 GMT
Just a small hint guys, if you like me are using it mobile from one state to another etc, I have found that it works better on 3G and not 4G. Doesn't seem to bomb out so much. I Also finding this on the web as well.

Otherwise, good effort. Look forward to the updates.


Last edited by PaulD at Saturday, 02-Feb-19 16:55:27 UTC
Message from PaulD at Sunday, 03-Feb-19 16:10:21 GMT
Hi ivo and team. Found a reasonably annoying bug. Seems as though whenever you are listening to west London for example, a user comes in or leaves the receiver, the audio knocks itself off. You then have to close the receiver and go back into it again. Sometimes you have to close the app and reopen it again for the audio to work.

Hope that makes sense.

Message from druid at Monday, 04-Feb-19 15:28:05 GMT
Hi Paul, I've tried the app on West London and had users log in and out but no problem with the auido. Anything else going on at the same time that might help us trace your problem?

edit. chatting to someone else on there and the audio went dead on logged in or out at that time and he is using browser not android app

Last edited by druid at Monday, 04-Feb-19 15:36:53 UTC
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