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Message from Ivo at Saturday, 29-Dec-18 21:50:11 GMT
Hi everybody,

We've been working on a completely new mobile app for GlobalTuners and we have just released the first Android version for public beta testing. A version for iOS will hopefully follow later.

At the moment the app provides just the basic functionality to listen to and control the receivers, and we would like your feedback. Do you think it's missing something, something is confusing or just broken?

A Premium Membership is needed to be able to use the new app. If you do not have a premium subscription and are not sharing a receiver, you can get a premium subscription via the app and your Google Play account at a discounted price (about 4 euros per month).

If you're interested in testing the new app, you can opt in for the beta test at and install it via the Google Play Store.

We're looking forward to your feedback.

Message from jerryat187 at Saturday, 29-Dec-18 21:58:37 GMT
thanks Ivo )
Message from veso266 at Monday, 31-Dec-18 20:53:33 GMT

BTW: can someone close to the Nederlands record GrootNeus Radio on 1008KHz and RTBF Int on 621KHz and 1125 KHz when they close?
Message from MIAMIATC at Monday, 31-Dec-18 22:01:44 GMT
Will it have the functionality to show people in each radio that are listening ? I found that to be problematic. Many times I would go in on the old app and it showed no one was tuning while on the laptop version there clearly was someone tuning and I hijacked unknowingly the radio .
Message from jerryat187 at Tuesday, 01-Jan-19 11:39:32 GMT
Hi,yes it shows all users loged in )

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Message from nycradio at Tuesday, 01-Jan-19 22:44:58 GMT
seems good but found when I tried to tune 104.3 WFM it came in as this any enter key? Is bandguide going to be added as well ? Thanks, Ivo.

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Message from veso266 at Wednesday, 02-Jan-19 13:26:39 GMT
@nycradio you have to tune in Hertz, and there is no "." so 104.3 would be 104.300.000

there is a "." but it does not work (probably int so string conversion failed or something like that)

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Message from robertr64 at Tuesday, 08-Jan-19 23:49:52 GMT
I'd love to try this, though my Google play account (address removed by admin) is different from the mail one I use for Globaltuners and sharing receivers. I still have the old GT app but hopefully this one works with HD.

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Message from Ivo at Wednesday, 09-Jan-19 07:53:51 GMT
@robertr64: that's not a problem, you can use the address to join the beta and install the app and then sign in with your GT account in the app.

The old app should still work, but will stop working eventually since it has not been updated for a long time and continued support for the old app would make the rest of GlobalTuners less secure. The new app responds much faster and should support all modes and options on the receivers, including HD channels.
Message from E_Radiotracker at Monday, 14-Jan-19 19:35:04 GMT
glad to hear a new app is in thw works :)

the old one was a bit glitchy, lol
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