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Message from LasVegasRadio at Friday, 19-Jul-19 06:37:34 GMT
It's come to my attention that a few (very few) will "Camp" on a site. They either have their volume turned down, have left the room, whatever the reason is, they are no longer watching the screen for messages. Others log on and wait, see no activity and ask to tune. Of course this goes unanswered as well.This basically renders that site UNAVAILABLE/UNUSABLE for the rest of the members!
Please STOP this "Camping". If you are listening to it, thats GREAT! that is what it for.Please do not abuse it.
Message from GeoffW at Thursday, 25-Jul-19 09:50:57 GMT

If someone else is using the receiver, you may not take over control unless you are granted permission by the other user via the chat system.
Ask for permission to tune before taking over control.
If there is no response from the other user, and no activity indicating that the other user is still using the receiver, you are allowed to take over control after waiting at least 2 minutes after asking permission to do so.
Message from finndx at Monday, 12-Aug-19 22:56:15 GMT
This word "camping" probably has several meanings here. For myself, the meaning of this word here is keeping the used RX on the same frequency for long time periods. It can be air band, it can be broadcast station or whatever. But on the other hand, it is not easy to define what is a long time period. Identifying a station takes it's time, it can be done quickly or it can be a long process.
Message from LasVegasRadio at Monday, 12-Aug-19 23:11:25 GMT
"Camping" I.E.= RCVR left on 245.000Mhz FM for 6 hours, not answering questions on the chatline and NOT logging back in after they are bumped...."Camping".
Message from WQKZ579 at Monday, 09-Sep-19 20:38:38 GMT
Geoff already answered. What you whine about is a non-issue. When people don't answer after 2 minutes it lets you have full control of the receiver and I can tune normally. Stop being autistic and overfixating trying to make a problem where there is none.
Message from LasVegasRadio at Tuesday, 10-Sep-19 00:35:45 GMT
"Autistic"??? really (Phony callsign WQKZ579, unless you are Nextel).. Overfixating? Whiner?
Tell ya what you senseless ungrateful mooch....
Why I bother to provide a FREE service to complete dolts like you is what I need to ask myself.
It's creeps like you that that kill this fun.
I have run the Vegas site since 2007 and others, I CONTRIBUTE to the site, not demand free service like whiners (your term) of your caliber.
Remember THIS post (your post)...basically says the very same thing...remember this?

Message from WQKZ579 at Monday, 26-May-14 06:02:36 GMT
Yeah the one annoying thing I have encountered a lot more lately is people who sit on receivers on an empty frequency that never respond. I've even seen some people doing that on multiple receivers at once

So tell ya what, YOU can explain why I should bother to tolerate jerks like YOU. Until you can do that, or retract your bullshit post, I will leave the site offline.I have better things to do.....

Last edited by LasVegasRadio at Tuesday, 10-Sep-19 07:40:02 UTC

Last edited by LasVegasRadio at Tuesday, 10-Sep-19 18:24:11 UTC

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