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Message from Globaltuner at Wednesday, 26-Aug-20 11:39:12 GMT

is there Satscape for Windows 10 ? I am looking.
i have Satscape on my Windows XP Computer and it runs very well, updates with the latest Kepler Data and all but i cant install Satscape in my Windows10 PC, its to pitty.

If there is no Satscape for Windows10, what changes can i make to get Satscape run in Windows 10 aswell ? (if those are not overly complicated)
Does Satscape work in Linux ?

What happend to the Author(s) of Satscape, dont they work on Satscape anymore? I'm afraid that could be the reason why there is no more Satscape for Windows 10.
Message from GeoffW at Wednesday, 26-Aug-20 14:58:39 GMT
I use wxtrack. I'm using it on win 10 ok
Message from Ivo at Tuesday, 01-Sep-20 19:30:03 GMT
I don't know this program in particular, but there are a few things you can try.

Windows has a Compatibility mode, which you can use to make it simulate an older windows version in many ways. You can try several different configurations. See here for instructions:
You may have to apply the compatibility mode to the installation program, as well as to the installed program.

On Linux, you can install wine (see, which will let you run Windows applications on Linux. Maybe the emulation provided by Wine will work for the old Satscape application.

If even that doesn't work you can use a program like VirtualBox to install Windows XP in a "box" on your Windows 10 or Linux PC. This requires a lot more work, diskspace and other computer resources, and a Windows XP license.

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