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Message from Claptonman at Monday, 21-Dec-20 16:54:34 GMT
Hi, all what would be the best receiver to listen to on Global Tuners for military aircraft.I am based in Chippenham Wiltshire. When RAF Lyneham we had it all here with military aircraft but now we just get them passing through on their way back to Brize Norton.
Message from GeoffW at Friday, 08-Jan-21 13:34:26 GMT
Probably Bedford for stuff out of Mildenhall and Lakenheath
Message from bobapp at Saturday, 26-Feb-22 13:13:08 GMT
hi what do i get different as i have paid the subscription fee but only have the same as before and what has happened to the north london reciever
Message from GeoffW at Wednesday, 30-Mar-22 12:15:13 GMT
Think subs gives you access to radios that are listed as premium use. All radio are provided on a voluntary basis. They are not owned or controlled by GT and may disappear for several reasons. Abuse, house moves, technical issues.

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