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Message from WDLC at Wednesday, 27-Jul-22 02:57:10 GMT
Please ask your friends to add new nodes in the USA & Canada as haqvent had any new nodes really in years. I would like to see nodes from Scranton, PA, Albany, NY, Poughkeepsie, NY, Montreal Canada.
Message from Jack at Monday, 08-Aug-22 21:45:09 GMT
I agree, this would be good. I'm currently in the process of launching new nodes at various locations throughout the UK.
Message from In2beats at Friday, 12-Aug-22 05:58:33 GMT
I agree , the trouble is the support seams to have disappeared ,I've had a node on for year's ,it's gone down and there is nobody to sort it, you can now see there are only 38 online so I think it's done.., real shame I do hope either someone takes it over or Ivo pulls it back , if anyone is able to help me sort it I would appreciate it , the trouble is I think my problem is hosting side as nothing changed my end and I've changed the reciver and also the pc is fine , enjoy mark
Message from Jack at Tuesday, 23-Aug-22 09:31:06 GMT
Hi Mark, contact me on, I'm happy to help get the Bedford receiver online. If we can't sort it I'll fund new equipment if you provide me with access to the site where the equipment is.

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