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Message from norave at Thursday, 27-Aug-09 17:01:59 GMT
From the NE part of Illinois, a new receiver has joined our still growing community.

Feel free to drop by at

Thanks to radiodude for sharing his equipment!
Message from erwin969 at Thursday, 27-Aug-09 19:15:50 GMT
Don't see the tuner in the online list.
Message from vitesse at Friday, 28-Aug-09 00:26:38 GMT
I don't know if he intend to leave the node 24/7, haven't talked with him much yet, but he had a problem with the sound on the node. Now I think the problem is solved. So enjoy this new node :)
Message from radiodude at Friday, 28-Aug-09 14:04:13 GMT
Yes its 24/7, audio issues fixed, needs a better antenna comming soon, enjoy all.

Message from jasonpeoria911 at Saturday, 29-Aug-09 12:51:37 GMT
Thanks for the new node RadioDude. The audio does seem to be a bit low right now though. It also could barely pick up NWS Chicago on 162.500. Is that common or did I have the settings wrong? 45% squelch, NFM on 6 and volume full blast.

Message from radiodude at Saturday, 29-Aug-09 19:49:29 GMT
Yep sorry about that, just POS for an antenna, will be working to improve it soon, thanks.

Message from radiodude at Sunday, 25-Jul-10 20:43:21 GMT
Albany Park (Chicago) node offline for a move, hope to have it back up
at the new place soon.

RadioDude (Duane)
Message from jasonpeoria911 at Sunday, 25-Jul-10 21:05:22 GMT
Sweet Duane, what area of city or suburb you moving to man?

Message from radiodude at Sunday, 25-Jul-10 22:01:54 GMT
Looks like will problably Melrose Park or nearby.

Still working stuff out.


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