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Message from henk at Sunday, 20-Sep-09 08:48:14 GMT
Dokkum DX-2 is close down
it is not used a lot so i decided to close it

greetings Henk
Message from Herz at Sunday, 20-Sep-09 10:27:09 GMT
That's sad, everytime a radio goes, it's like losing resources, if not like losing a friend.

Farewell Dokkum DX-2, hope to see you back one day despite Top-List numbers. :(
Message from POLOX at Sunday, 20-Sep-09 14:24:04 GMT
Goodbye Dokkum DX-2... it's sad to know :(.

Hope that one day, it could be back online and more people can take interest of this receiver :).
Message from henk at Sunday, 20-Sep-09 17:36:18 GMT
hello all thanks for the reaction ofcourse stay,s dokkum dx online
and also the 1512 khz lowpower am is on air at several times
greetings henk
Message from Calico at Monday, 21-Sep-09 13:23:48 GMT
Sad to see DX-2 close down Henk. Tried to use Dokkum DX earlier, but was not online. Hope all is OK ?
73, Tim

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