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Message from Calico at Sunday, 11-Oct-09 16:30:22 GMT
Warm welcome to TWO new radio-nodes that joined Global Tuners this week!

1) Ghent DX: fully tuneable Icom PCR-1500 with an inverted Vee antenna and in an RF quiet location in Belgium !
Such a radio-node in Belgium is exciting news, because of its strategic geographical position, can hear lots of LF, MF, HF, VHF, UHF all modulation transmissions, from so many European countries around it.
To be found at:

2) Bangalore: Non-tuneable all the way from exotic India, second most populated country in the world and a good DX catch !
When on-line, To be found at:

Both radio-nodes are for the time being the only nodes in these two countries!
Welcome and thanks for sharing with us all a radio-window to Belgium and India !
(The Global Tuners Team)

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