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Message from vk4fsgw at Tuesday, 20-Oct-09 06:38:28 GMT
Gidday from VeeKay.
Well I have been working on this radio weeks now. The Yaesu FRG8800 is now fully working, after some 10 or so years of no use. Complete service and overhaul. Actually it was not even going. Lot of bad air from up north(salt air). Circuit boards and components were all corroded.
Is now online fully tunable, with good stability, clarity and excellent audio.
Please enjoy this receiver. :)
You will notice that there is no signal strength meter and a few basic controls, remember this radio is over 25 years old and remote PC connections where not a big thing back in those days.
With a modified Yaesu FT 847 driver converted to work on the FRG8800

Both Woodridge's nodes are running on separate 80m OCFs in different direction N/S E/W.

Cheers(prost) 73

Steve vk4fsgw

Last edited by vk4fsgw at Tuesday, 20-Oct-09 06:46:30 UTC
Message from norave at Tuesday, 20-Oct-09 09:42:06 GMT
Well done, m8!
Message from Calico at Tuesday, 20-Oct-09 18:00:50 GMT
Congrats on your new shiny old-girl Steves, give it a treat every now and then, eh ? ;)
Message from vitesse at Wednesday, 21-Oct-09 00:22:42 GMT
Great to see a "vintage" receiver on GT :)

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