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Message from vitesse at Sunday, 10-Jan-10 23:48:49 GMT
Thanks to G4RKY for is new node.

The receiver is located on a shared commercial site, along with the GB3ZY and GB3ZB amateur repeaters.
The receiver is currently on a temporary antenna, when the weather improves a discone will be fed with LDF2-50
feeder and will be about 20ft AGL.
The site is located about 5 miles SW of Bristol City Centre on Dundry Hill.
Message from g4rky at Monday, 11-Jan-10 00:13:27 GMT
... further to that I would like to add my thanks to Luc for his time and effort in helping to bring this receiver online.

Best wishes from a very snowy Bristol :-D

Enjoy the receiver!

Message from napalmftw at Monday, 11-Jan-10 13:21:58 GMT
Excellent! Something I've wanted to do for a while is mount a remote receiver on a good site like that.
Message from norave at Monday, 11-Jan-10 18:32:47 GMT
Yo Matt,

thank you for sharing your equipment with the community!

73, Sven
Hannover site-op

(and thanks to vf, too ;))
Message from Bagso at Wednesday, 13-Jan-10 09:53:08 GMT
hey leave aerial as is...its brilliant......!!!!!!!!!

Message from Bagso at Wednesday, 13-Jan-10 10:00:19 GMT
Had some fantastic results with this new node...was receiving heathrow app 10 times better than Newbury which is much closer....

many thanks

only slight appears to have just gone down mid listen :)
Message from g4rky at Wednesday, 13-Jan-10 17:24:01 GMT
Cheers Bagso, looking into the problem now....

Sorry for the interruption, not sure whats going on!

Message from g4rky at Wednesday, 13-Jan-10 19:12:46 GMT
Fixed now - had to restart the onsite server - for some reason the radio server service had stopped and would not restart. I tried a manual restart of the service but no luck.

A shutdown and reboot fixed it and now listening to 119.725MHz that you were listening to before it quit. Seems quite busy!



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