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Message from SDSpike at Tuesday, 09-Mar-10 01:54:45 GMT
Well it's spring again here in the upper midwest and it looks like there will be flooding again in Fargo. We've had near 60 inches of snow this winter which is about 20 inches above normal. The ground is saturated from heavy rains last fall and we had one of the longest cold spells since recording began. It was about 3 months worth below freezing. So with all that, if the temps should stay above freezing at nights for a prolonged period like it seems it's doing already and if we have rain, which is what is forecasted, this snow will melt and Fargo and the all the surrounding area will have floods.

So check out the new node to cover the situation.

Also here is my personal weather station tied to a fence pole in the front yard. :)

That should keep you busy for awhile looking around there.


Last edited by SDSpike at Tuesday, 09-Mar-10 02:05:28 UTC

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