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Message from Calico at Saturday, 27-Mar-10 07:55:30 GMT
A good receiver (JRC) is now available for all to use in Sydney, Australia.

Tony quotes in the Forum,
"... I have now got the port problem sorted out. So there should be no problem now getting into the receiver.

Thew audio is still a bit harsh. This will be rectified in the next day or so - it just needs a tweek of a multiturn pot.


73 Tony VK2IC"

Please find Sydney at:

End of message

GT Support
Message from norave at Saturday, 27-Mar-10 08:01:40 GMT
Yo Tony,

thank you for sharing your equipment with the community! Enthusiastic people like you made this site to what it is now.

Oh, and Tim..if I may correct you..JRC doesn't build "good receivers", those rigs are awesome! :)

Message from VK4FVRX at Wednesday, 31-Mar-10 08:12:15 GMT
I own a JRC NRD-525 and it is a superb receiver.
I also have had the privilege of owning a JRC JST-135 Transceiver and again a magnificent product.
Message from Calico at Wednesday, 31-Mar-10 09:00:12 GMT
Yep, remember the JST-135, good old times..

However, no sooner did we put Sydney in the news, it's not online ? What happened?


Message from VR2HF at Friday, 02-Apr-10 05:35:47 GMT
Tony tells me his XYL does not like the radio and computer staying on 24/7. Let's pray he can work that one out. Anyone competent with marriage counseling (smile)?

Message from Calico at Friday, 02-Apr-10 09:42:47 GMT
Hm, thanks for the tip Dan

If its in the same room, I can see that some XYLs are sensitive to noises, can he move the radio set up to another room?

Or put it in a cabinet that would be noise insulated?

Noise is the only "pain" that must be bugging Tony's XYL as far as I can imagine ?


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