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Message from Calico at Saturday, 03-Apr-10 16:22:57 GMT
Topic: Happy Easter

Easter bunny or Easter egg

choc is yummy, don't let it beg!

Happy Easter, everyone!

GT Support
Message from tuebschen at Saturday, 03-Apr-10 19:41:02 GMT
May i say a wish?

i wish me an easter bunny with blue eyes an 90-60-90. haha

thank you tim, happy easter for all.

TU3BY supporter
Message from Calico at Sunday, 04-Apr-10 17:00:01 GMT
Do these 90-60-90 bunnies come in white chocolate too, please ? ;)

Message from deacon1 at Sunday, 04-Apr-10 18:24:03 GMT
Happy Easter back to you
Message from PaulD at Sunday, 04-Apr-10 20:30:23 GMT
HAPPY EASTER ALL A bit late I know, but hey, better later than never, How many eggs have people stuffed down them???

Message from finndx at Monday, 05-Apr-10 08:54:06 GMT
The true meaning of Easter: Jesus is the Lord. May this message touch everybody now during the Easter time and throughout the year.

Message from log2112 at Monday, 05-Apr-10 13:55:51 GMT
so true finndx. Bless everyone out there.Happy Easter
Message from tuebschen at Saturday, 25-Dec-10 03:07:13 GMT

Hello World,

now Santa has done his job almost on the globe i like to wish all

Admins, Site-Operators and Users a peacefull christmas and a happy new year.

Tuebschen, Tueby, Patrice
Message from Calico at Saturday, 25-Dec-10 11:27:25 GMT

H a p p y C h r i s t m a s, happy times !

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