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Message from vk4fsgw at Monday, 05-Jul-10 07:29:09 GMT
No feedback, no comments, no nothingness and no updates coming.
A total waist of time.

Gidday all GT members,
I am in the process of updating the modern skin for GT.
Has been a long time coming for an updated version, a good 7 months.

Some new features have been already added and older features deleted.
EG:- The Frequency Display area has been revamped to suit new features.
Mouse Wheel is used for changing frequency on each individual numbers and also a hash or gate symbol ( # ) is being used for easy frequency change using the VFO step size increment.
This is not a new idea with the frequency change, if you have ever played with HRD (HamRadioDelux) then you'll know how to use the one GT.
VFO Step Size pull-down list has been removed and replaced a simple menu interface that allows you to enter your own steps.( BUTTON :- Enter Step Size ).
The VFO has been replaced with the old VFO knob from dxtuners but has also been redone to suit GT.
The whole display area is also from dxtuners thanks Kelly.
I will not be adding this yet until I have some feedback and Ivo's approval.
Some crew members have already seen the new layout, if you need to see and get the feel of it (crew and admins only). please email me or send a support message.

Cheers 73
Steve vk4fsgw admin Logan City nodes

Last edited by vk4fsgw at Sunday, 11-Jul-10 11:01:55 UTC
Message from dd4fl at Tuesday, 13-Jul-10 19:03:52 GMT
Hi Steve ,

i very much appreciate all the efford you are putting into this.
Please let me have a look so i can give you feedback.

73 Richard DD4FL Odenwald Admin
Message from vitesse at Tuesday, 13-Jul-10 19:20:29 GMT
Hi Steve, your work is really appreciated :) will send you a message to see the new layout.

The step size seem a really good idea to me.

73 Luc VA2DLJ Saint-Jean Admin
Message from NM8R at Wednesday, 14-Jul-10 13:41:09 GMT
Steve, I would suggest eliminating the fractional Khz VFO steps (such as 6.25 and 8.33 Khz) as they get in the way of quickly accessing the 9 Kc step in the drop down menu, for EU station tuning. Also, a beep tone to alert that another use has joined would be nice, for those times when GT is on in the background and one is on another screen. Thanks for your work and 73, Scott NM8R Michigan
Message from vitesse at Wednesday, 14-Jul-10 19:19:55 GMT
Having beep sound is great, but this should be "optional" as you can't decode digital signal if you many user come in and out. but not a bad idea if you can "mute" it.
Message from wa6bef at Monday, 02-Aug-10 01:05:23 GMT
Clearly I'm late to this party having only seen this message a minute or so ago. Will we still have some keyboard option? Failing this will we still be able to use the Java script? While I'd love an audible sig when someone enters the receiver I'd not want to mess with the digital sigs so this one may have to go by the bye.
Message from hreggard at Monday, 02-Aug-10 16:27:43 GMT
What about using a distinctive DTMF tone, as a "new-user" warning??
Message from joeb at Tuesday, 03-Aug-10 18:25:02 GMT
will it still be accesable for people who need to use the keyboard who are blind and using jaws

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