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Message from nickstr1 at Monday, 22-Nov-10 10:34:40 GMT
The older version of the Icom R-75 for its "pseudo" synchronous detector uses a Motorola MC13022 C-QUAM AM stereo decoder with of course the L-R outputs untapped. It was possible to mod the Sony ICF-2001 for this same thing in a simple manner just by tapping a couple outputs on the IC. My theory is that on my older R-75 it might be possible to tap the L-R outputs of the MC13022 with a stereo miniplug jack and perhaps have this as an option for a secondary stream if the IC can actually switch to stereo still.
Message from Millrad at Monday, 22-Nov-10 12:10:46 GMT
Cool idea. Unfortunately there are very few AM stations still broadcasting in C-QUAM stereo.
Message from NM8R at Monday, 22-Nov-10 17:05:22 GMT
The demise of AM stereo was sad. The FCC wouldn't provide leadership back in the '80's when AM stereo was in its infancy and the mode died. Now we have IBOC which they forced on the market and listeners, with its raucous digital sidebands making the AM medium waves a hissing mass in every large city. Just my opinion, Your mileage may vary. Scott
Message from nickstr1 at Monday, 22-Nov-10 21:49:18 GMT
I would not say its dead but just "on life support" there is a grass roots movement trying to revive the technology in the US and it took off like a rocket in Japan. There are around 94 stations in the US still operating in stereo and a list is maintained of these. When you look at the limitations in place for AM broadcasting C-QUAM stereo is actually a remarkable technology it works in 10 KHz of bandwidth and less France Bleu 864 in Paris has it working in 5 to 7.5 KHz of bandwidth. The internationally accepted FM stereo system takes 110 KHz of bandwidth to do this but C-QUAM actually seems to do more. The channel separation between the left and right stereo audio channels is wider than FM stereo and does not require enhancers to achieve this.
Message from Lanta at Wednesday, 24-Nov-10 16:15:32 GMT
The space is Europe is 9 Khz so that means 4.5 khz each side of the band. The only radio station in France maybe dos transmit in AM Stereo we can not buy AM Stereo Radio Tuners so it does not much scene he to have AM Stereo Station nobody can can listen to it in Stereo that is.

I'm not sure but I believe there is a other MW Station in the UK ho does transmit in AM Stereo. And the ITU (that is the FCC in Europe)does not allow AM Stereo ? So I don't understand why 1 or 2 station do transmit in AM Stereo ? If the don't even have the a radio tuner for it and if the ITU says NO ?

In the summer of 2003 I did stay for 1 mouth on holiday in Canada close near the Border with the US. And in the late evening hours I did listen in the car of the house where I did stay. To the MW band and I did hear many AM Stereo station with good and very bad music in a nice Stereo sound. And that was great to hear. I did read about in magazines etc but in 2003 I did hear it for the first time and that was a wow feeling

So if there people from the US can make good MW recoding's of AM Stereo station with music(no gospel station please, I don't like that) let me know I would love to have some of those ?

So please send me a note in here to change maybe a e-mailadress and etc to get in contact.

73 Herman

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