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Message from udlear at Thursday, 14-Sep-23 01:38:05 GMT
At local midnight or 2300 UTC on December 31, 2018, Magyar Katolikus Rádió in Hungary shut down on 810 kHz & 1341 kHz, ending mediumwave broadcasting. They did not renew their AM broadcast license and instead intend to transition to the FM spectrum.

Last edited by udlear at Thursday, 14-Sep-23 01:38:38 UTC
Message from florencepugh at Monday, 08-Jan-24 06:48:57 GMT
I am so sad to hear about Greenland ceasing all broadcasts on Medium and Short Waves. The decision to dismantle the medium-wave transmitters marks the end of an era.
Message from WarrenLeja at Sunday, 14-Jan-24 10:16:52 GMT
Additionally, we would like to honor you for your insights.
Message from WarrenLeja at Wednesday, 24-Jan-24 04:51:52 GMT
Thank you for sharing this information with me.
Message from Sergio33 at Saturday, 10-Feb-24 03:16:00 GMT
Thank you for sharing such an interesting and thought-provoking perspective.
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