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Message from sm7tix at Wednesday, 22-Dec-10 09:44:13 GMT
Do to the cold weather my server has closed down on Vidablick location. There is no heating there and this night we had -25 C. Now it is -20 C. Looks like it will be cold for some time, but if the temp is better then -10 C i think i can restart it again.
Merry christmas to all of you!
Message from Calico at Wednesday, 22-Dec-10 10:01:18 GMT
Merry Christmas indeed ! :)

Thanks for the radio, hope it warms up sooner rather than later..
Message from sm7tix at Tuesday, 11-Jan-11 14:38:26 GMT
Look likes we going to have warmer now for a while so it is online now.
Message from Calico at Tuesday, 11-Jan-11 15:07:06 GMT
"Cool" :-)

May you remember if you have ever received Greenland on your receiver ?
Message from sm7tix at Wednesday, 12-Jan-11 14:27:25 GMT
I allmost never listen on my receivers :) Just fun with the computer and network. Maybe some log it if you look in log, but i dont know.
Message from Calico at Wednesday, 12-Jan-11 22:22:45 GMT
Thanks Stefan,

I will do as you suggest.


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