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Message from Calico at Friday, 24-Dec-10 19:40:02 GMT

The spirit of Christmas is upon our side (and site!) radio-folks!

ted707 very kindly shares with us all his radio from San Antonio, Texas!

One more radio-candy an Icom PCR-1000, please enjoy at:

De GT Support ,
Merry Radio-Christmas and an even Radio-er New Year :-)
Message from ted707 at Friday, 24-Dec-10 19:58:40 GMT
Server PC is an old Dell GX260 running XP

Antenna is presently a 12m Hamstick. Not great for VHF-UHF. Will be adding something better in the future.

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Message from Calico at Saturday, 25-Dec-10 14:57:00 GMT
Thanks Ted,

Does a descent job on Medium Waves too,

Merry Texas Christmas !
Message from MIAMIATC at Saturday, 25-Dec-10 17:34:51 GMT
Cool Beans. Looking foreward in the future for that new antenna. Great and busy area for Air Traffic listening . Will you be going discone in furture or Scantenna like ?
Message from napalmftw at Tuesday, 28-Dec-10 20:05:09 GMT
I would be interested in the details on your solid state HD.

I use a noisy regular harddrive, but then that server used to do other things... I could use a SSHD when I upgrade this server to make it a dedicated Globaltuners box.
Message from ted707 at Friday, 31-Dec-10 02:13:50 GMT
The SSD I'm using on the GT machine is a Transcend 8GB. It's big enough to load XP Pro and a bunch of apps, including GT. A bit pricey compared to a standard HD.

I originally had it set up to run Shortwave Log and remote access.

It works quite well on the almost 10 year old P3 Dell laptop. The advantage is that it's quiet, the laptop fan never runs even with the lid closed.

If I were building a new machine, I would go with one of the inexpensive E-Way fanless PC's, with a small SSD, running 1 or 2 radios, and a couple of external USB sound devices.

I also have an old Dell C640 that I use for field day stuff to run HRD with a FT-817ND, and it's running a 32GB Samsung SSD, has Bluetooth and Wireless built in, 2GB RAM. Also gets very good battery life, around 4 hours under heavy use with two batteries in. (that's good for a P4 Mobile) and has plenty of processing power for digital modes and such. Again, the SSD performance is quite good compared to the original hard drive.

A much less expensive route is to get a IDE to Compact Flash Adapter that will allow you to use a typical 8GB or larger CF flash drive as a parallel hard drive. The key is having enough RAM to run the apps without accessing the HD all the time.
Message from MIAMIATC at Friday, 31-Dec-10 02:19:14 GMT
ted i was wondering if that ustream setup you had can you switch it back to civiliam air frequencies. Can you just replace 126.275 with 120.275. Thanks
Mike in Boynton .
Message from ted707 at Friday, 31-Dec-10 05:15:39 GMT

That radio will be living on HF for the New Year weekend doing its normal role as remote PSK31 receiver, reporting to PSK Reporter at:

Check it out. Surprising how much HF it can pick up using only the VHF crossed dipole.

I will be putting up some more receivers soon.
Message from ted707 at Saturday, 15-Jan-11 23:31:29 GMT
Added Unreal streaming audio to PCR1000 - San Antonio 2
If it stays stable, will add it to PCR100 - San Antonio 1

Last edited by ted707 at Saturday, 15-Jan-11 23:32:00 UTC
Message from MIAMIATC at Sunday, 16-Jan-11 01:00:23 GMT
Any status on the new Antennas Ted ?

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