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Message from Calico at Tuesday, 18-Jan-11 22:58:42 GMT
M3LIB has kindly brought along a new radio, "Isle Of Sheppey"

Situated on the Isle Of Sheppey, on the northern coast of Kent (Eastern UK), opposite Ostende, Dunkerque and less than 40 miles away from London!

Have fun exploring what goodies this Icom PCR-2500 can receive at:

GT Support
Message from m3ilb at Wednesday, 19-Jan-11 10:06:26 GMT
Please enjoy the radio, you may have some slight qrm on marine frequencies but so far all seems to be working well.

when funds and time permit i will be upgrading the antenna to a new discone and will look at maybe adding some hf facility.

Any suggestions you have for improving the radio i will gladly listen to them,

Message from mattcurtis78 at Wednesday, 19-Jan-11 10:37:06 GMT
Thanks Nathan for making this available great stuff :)
Message from Calico at Wednesday, 19-Jan-11 15:21:24 GMT
Welcome aboard again from here too Nathan, happy "Radio-Times" ;-)
Message from clacton0 at Saturday, 22-Jan-11 14:19:07 GMT
I noticed I could not get Dream 100.2 on this the other day.

Message from clacton0 at Saturday, 22-Jan-11 14:19:28 GMT
But its still really good.
Message from mattcurtis78 at Saturday, 22-Jan-11 16:16:43 GMT
Maybe due to the BRFM Tx antenna so close to the antenna for this Radio. I know Nathan is already looking at improving bits. all great stuff :)
Message from m3ilb at Sunday, 23-Jan-11 00:00:32 GMT
hi yes matt is correct. There is little distance between the tx antenna and radio's rx antenna. I am looking at how i can rectify this. It may mean i have to lower the antenna down the mast a little at the expense of reduced long distance reception.

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