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Message from VE7WD at Thursday, 20-Jan-11 23:34:07 GMT
Hi: I am looking for a software package for RTTY,Amtor,Packet, etc that will work well on this site. Hopefully one that is freeware. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks.
Message from db1 at Tuesday, 29-Mar-11 08:02:32 GMT
Hi. I'm trying to think of the one I had. I usually use different programmes for different different things i.e. mmtty for ratt/rtty and some others.

I can't remember how good it is or not, but I think Multipsk is one that a number of people use. You might have already tried that though, I don't know.

Message from zs6ro at Thursday, 31-Mar-11 14:35:48 GMT
Kevin, try HRD (Ham Radio Deluxe) ... As far as I'm concerned, its the best free software and very sophisticated .. the author is continually working on it and has updates every so often ... It contains many digital modes in one package ...

It can do amongst other things, CW, RTTY, PSK (different flavours), SSTV, has a logbook which can be used to send and receive QSL info online ... It can also control your radio or transceiver ...

I suggest you try it and decide for yourself ... Google "Ham Radio Deluxe" ..

73, Dick ZS6RO
Message from VE7WD at Saturday, 30-Apr-11 07:57:32 GMT
Dick: At this time I am using a computer only on this site. What do I need to do to route the audio to the computer software,
when I am receiving it with the same computer software?
Message from theosworkshop at Saturday, 30-Apr-11 09:42:39 GMT
hi, Kevin i use 'jack' .there is a windows version i'm running linux and its works well,you can software connect inputs to outputs.also it has 'timemachine' a recorder that starts recording 10 secs before you hit record .or if all else fails ,as I do on an old laptop,an audio lead out the headphone socket and back in linein,with an extra jack socket on the lead to monitor whats going on..
regards Theo.
Message from zs6ro at Saturday, 30-Apr-11 15:03:24 GMT
Kevin, Theo has some good ideas.

Normally most software that uses the audio soundcard has settings which can be changed. If you have only one soundcard, be it a plug-in to the computer Motherboard, or a USB-type 'sound-card', then usually the software can be set to 'default' - Microsoft Windows (assuming thats your OS) would have found it and set it up as default...

When you have more than one 'sound-card', then you must choose the correct one in your software ...

73, Dick ZS6RO
Message from samdf at Monday, 25-Mar-24 22:18:34 GMT

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