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Message from Acidphaze at Sunday, 13-Mar-11 11:36:30 GMT
This is for fans of the Number Station E06, who may have missed Saturdays 0130 UTC transmission. The station originally transmitted on 5884 Khz (Last weeks frequency), had changed its frequency to 5879 Khz. But the signal was very weak, so most never got to hear this weeks message on Global Tuners.

However, I was able to record the following message at 0230 UTC on 4923 Khz. Which had a much stronger signal, than the previous message.

13th March 2011 0230 UTC 4923 Khz USB



601 601 32 32

68788 90471 81967 81837 53015 92499 55081 54742 16638 18118 80767 71459 43121 72327 97398 65622 84482 09520 23478 37526 56151 51552 66809 93756 03817 65703 32994 83382 53170 57165 66670 97927

601 601 32 32


You can download the recording here:
Message from scooby2 at Sunday, 03-Apr-11 18:50:15 GMT
virus dont click on link
Message from Ivo at Monday, 04-Apr-11 10:55:54 GMT
It's an audio file. Not a virus.
Message from Acidphaze at Wednesday, 06-Apr-11 13:08:14 GMT
I have just tested the link, it is fine. There is no virus at all. I do admit, that there is a lot of Advertising, and maybe a pop up window may appear. But that is to do with Media fire, not me. Just ignore or close any Ad's, and click only onto the 'Download This File' link. Which appears on the right hand side of the screen.

Thanks for the feedback.

Message from kencausey at Friday, 08-Apr-11 01:44:01 GMT
The trick with MediaFire as with some other download sites is figuring out which 'download' widget on the page is the real one and not an ad. But I can confirm that once you do, you do indeed get an audio .mp3 file.
Message from Acidphaze at Friday, 08-Apr-11 12:17:35 GMT
Thanks, Kencausey for the feedback. I have never had any problems with Mediafire. The link is on the right hand side of the screen. If there was any problems with the link or Mediafire, I would remove the post from Global Tuners. But for the meantime, I will leave it here. Maybe someone would like to listen to a few numbers,lol!

Message from Acidphaze at Friday, 08-Apr-11 12:34:25 GMT
If anyone who wants to get a bit more involved, with Number Stations. You can try these links, to read recent logs, transcripts and listen to more recordings.


Or if you hear something unusual, you can send a log, to The Spooks Newsletter. It doesn't have to be a Number Station, to post a log. Just as long as it is an unidentified station.

The Spy Numbers Database.
Message from scooby2 at Friday, 08-Apr-11 18:28:36 GMT
Sorry for any inconvenience caused but it did send alarm bells ringing with avira antivirus. gem of a website keep up the good work guys

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