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Message from DX-Phuket at Wednesday, 27-Apr-11 09:02:01 GMT
I used to operate the 'DX-Phuket' node on Kelly's system, operating from the hotel I own on the 'paradise' island of Phuket, Thailand.

Due to family and work commitments, my node has been off the air for a few years, but now I'm able to spend more time doing relaxing, so I'm busy getting this node ready to be on Global Tuners.

The node will use the PCR1000 receiver that I've purchased from the defunct Ladysmith, SA node, together with my Wellbrook loop, providing optimum reception of south-east Asian MW and HF/tropical band signals.

A question to ask you all:

My loop antenna will not be on a rotator, so what is your preferred direction for me to orientate it?

FYI, my QTH is about 600 meters from Phuket International Airport and the same distance from the Indian Ocean.

For airband signals, since the airport VHF antennas are about 300 meters from my hotel, it is not difficult to get a strong signal from these channels even with the receiver antenna disconnected!

Simon - HS0ZIB
Message from PaulD at Wednesday, 27-Apr-11 10:05:07 GMT
Hello Simon....

I remember the days of that receiver, and used it many time, Was a very popular one I seem to remember so would be great to hear and see it again.

Look forward to seeing it back soon.

Paul D
Message from Calico at Wednesday, 27-Apr-11 14:07:29 GMT
Hiya Simon from here too,
Good luck with the revival of the node.
One of the many possibilities for your antenna. If you take two bamboo sticks in an X configuration, then you could support the Wellbrook horizontally, parallel to the ground. This would give it omni-directional reception, provided of course you are in an RF-clean spot.
This arrangement would maintain all signals' chance to be received.
I take it we talking about the 1530 model of Wellbrook?
Message from N9SLR at Thursday, 28-Apr-11 18:26:59 GMT
Hi Simon,
Since the loop antennas have a much sharper NULL than peak, I would listen in on any shortwave/medium wave frequencies and see if you can detect local interference - then orient the loop to null this. On shortwave the orientation should not affect reception, on tropical band SW frequencies in 90/120 meters, there might be a slight dependence - but the key thing is to use the loop to null local interfence.
Message from DX-Phuket at Friday, 06-May-11 14:00:02 GMT
The PCR rx has safely arrived in Phuket, so I will be busy over the next couple of weeks with the configuration and antenna mounting etc.

Mounting the loop horizontally is an interesting idea! I could start the node in that config and see it performs.

Meanwhile, I need to sort out a spare desktop PC and run 100 feet of ethernet cable from my router to my radio shack...


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