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Receiver: Airspy HF+
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Receiver image
Current Antena direction: 120°

This is my latest addition, its Airspy HF+ Discovery
which allows you to tune from 500Hz to 250MHz

but because I use an FM Antena frequencies below 50MHz aren't realy usable but you can get SW and some MW at night if you want

I live 15KM from Ljubljana (Slovenias Capital), because Slovenia is so small you can regulary recieve stations from all the neighbouring countries

if you turn the antena to 0° you get Austria
on 60° you get Hungary
from 75° to 180° you get Croatia (and Federalni Radio Bosne i Herzegovine on 95.7)

from 210° to 390° you get varios stations from Italy

Rotator is a bit flaky, I sometimes forget to turn it on so if you cannot use it and WANT to use it, just write a ticket

** You can now control the antena Direction **
back when I joined globaltuners in 2013 I've used a nice Sony Node in The Nederlands from PA5M: , this was the only Node on the whole site that had an option to remotly control the rotator, you could get stations from UK,Germany and Belgium there those were some great times, unfortionatly on 31.01.2015 something happened and his Sony was gone from here forever, also I didn't hear anything from him since then, but now you can do the same thing here :)

I blocked the frequencies where moving the ratator makes no sense (below 30Mhz), so you cannot move it while listening down there


======================================= CHANGELOG ====================================================
21.04.2021 -- Updated SDR# to rev 1784 (paintfull finaly got the way I like it: )
21.04.2021 -- Updated SDR# to rev 1732
08.09.2020 -- Added HTTPS support to my UnrealMediaPlayer
17.01.2020 -- Added Stereo Pilot Tone indication (( )) in Program Service
29.12.2019 -- Added Support for remotly controlling my Rotator
28.12.2019 -- Updated to latest version of URadioServer + rewrote my plugin
15.11.2019 -- FIXEX Filters when using AM + added 5,6,10kHz filters
06.10.2019 -- Updated SDR# to rev 1722 (its now built around TelerikUI instead of WinForms)
30.08.2019 -- Updated SDR# to rev 1715
======================================= CHANGELOG ====================================================

FM Bandscan here:
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